Uniforms of the War of Liberation 1813-1814: Volume II Prussian Infantry - Regular, Reserve, Landwehr

Uniforms of the War of Liberation 1813-1814: Volume II Prussian Infantry - Regular, Reserve, Landwehr
Author: Bassett-Powell, Bruce
Publisher: Uniformology
Year: 2007
Binding: Soft Cover
** FREE POSTAGE within Australia, postage overseas at cost -- Note: Postage will be added automatically when you place an order, but I will adjust the postage cost when the order is processed. ** When Prussia defected from his cause in 1813, Napoleon’s response was immediate and massive. With his amazing organizational skills he brought together an army of over 200,000 men to restore his German conquests. As the Prussians, with their Russian allies scrambled to meet the threat he moved his newly raised battalions to link up with the considerable French forces in Prussia. After some preliminary skirmishes the two armies were set to clash at Lützen in early May. That battle and the later one at Bautzen forced the Allies into retreat But it was not a decisive victory for the French Emperor and his Prussian and Russian enemies, combined with an old enemy Austria, would recover and turn the tide at Leipzig in October 1813. The Prussian Army had few resources at the beginning of 1813, but with an immense effort, they put together an army that contained a core of regulars with a large number of reservists and the fabled Landwehr, raised in March. Most of these soldiers were infantrymen and it is their story we tell in this second volume on the War of Liberation. With painstaking research the author has put together a detailed account of the Prussian regular Infantry, Reserve Regiments, Landwehr and Volunteer Jäger battalions. Their formation, the actions they fought and the uniforms they wore are all explained in great detail, all complemented by Philip Cranz’s wonderfully restored illustrations of Richard and Herbert Knötel plus an additional full color illustration from the author.
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