Uniformology Imperial Echoes Series Book No. 13
Der Alte Fritz: The Military Life of Frederick the Great: Volume II

1. The Brave Hussar
2. Markisch Grenadiers and Musketeers on the march
3. King Friedrich enters Lutzen
4. Night of the Battle of Zondorff
5. Night defeat of the Austrians at Hochkirch
6. Morning after the battle of Hochkurch
7. Battle of Kunnersdorf
8. King Friedrich II
9. Regiment Bernburg
10. King Friedrich on the night of the victory of Torgau
11. King Friedrich greeting General von Zieten at Torgau
12. King Friedrich on the march to La Viste 1760
13. Camp at Bunzelwitz
14. At Burkustadt
15. King Friedrich in his office at Sans Souci
16. King Friedrich overseeing construction
17. King Friedrich and Potsdam schoolboys
18. King Friedrich scolding officials
19. Der Alte Fritz (Old Fritz)
20. King Friedrich's last meeting with Zieten
21. Last Days at Sans Souci 1786