Robin George Collingwood, *1889 in Gillhead, †1943 in Coniston,
britischer Philosoph, Historiker und Archäologe.
Living History, engl. für "lebendige Geschichte" bzw. "Geschichte erleben",
ist die englische Bezeichnung für ein Nachleben von historischen Zeiten.
"Braunschweig Lüneburgeschen Jäger" in English service, Spain 1810-14.
image used with the kind permission of Osprey Publishing Ltd., Oxford, England.
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The Black Brunswickers

Many of our members are avid Regency buffs who have researched all things Napoleonic over many years. Of all the various British, French, Russian, Austrian and German regiments ‘The Black Brunswickers’ appealed the most. The charismatic Duke Frederick Wilhelm raising an army to fight the occupying French army, their epic fighting withdrawal through Germany to the coast despite overwhelming numbers and their subsequent service with the British in Spain and Portugal combined with their efforts at Quatre Bras and Waterloo are the stuff of legends. They were in no ways an ideal army: there are numerous reports of ill disciplined behavior, desertion and allegedly eating the mascot of the 95th Rifles. Their reputation for being ‘hard bitten’ and perhaps it could be said irreverent, fighting troops appealed to our Australian world view so we decided to raise a Leibbattalion in Brisbane, Australia.

The project started in mid 2005 and has been a slow and steady path to having uniformed members regularly parading and participating in living history events. We owe a huge debt to many reenactments groups who have willingly provided advice to help us along the way. Principal amongst those are the Braunschweiger Feldkorps and the Braunschweigishe Leibbattaillon located in Braunschweig, Germany. Whilst they are somewhat perplexed that a group of Australians are reenacting the Army of their home country they have graciously welcomed us into the fold of the ‘Black Band’ and at a July 2007 dinner in Braunschweig that was attended by members of all three groups, the Braunschweig based groups decided to refer to us as 3rd Company. A designation we are proud to hold.

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