Uniformology Book Series No. 13
The Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw in the Napoleonic Wars Volume II

0. Prince Joseph Poniatowski
1. Officer 14th Cavalry Regiment
2. Trumpeter of Cuirassiers, Trumpeter of Horse Artillery
3. Trumpeter and Officers of 5th Cuirassier Regiment
4. Trooper, 4th Chasseurs a Cheval
5. Officers, 1st Lancers of the Vistula Legion
6. Lancer, French 8th Lancer Regiment 1811
7. Officer and Lancer of the 8th Lancer Regiment 1811
8. Officer and Troopers of the 11th Lancer Regiment
9. Officer and Trumpeter of the Elite Company, 16th Lancer Regiment
10. Colonel of the 7th Lanceer Regiment
11. Lancer of the 3rd Lancer Regiment
12. Trumpeters of the 2nd Lancer Regiment
13. Trumpeter 13th Hussars and Officer of Chasseurs a Cheval
14. Officer of the 10th Hussar Regiment
15. Krakus, Officer and Troopers
16. Mounted Troops in stable dress
17. Charge of the 16th Lancers by Gembrzewski