Uniformology Book Series No. 12
The Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw in the Napoleonic Wars Volume I

1. Commandant Prince Joseph Poniatowski
2. Brigadier General and Colonel of the 17th Lancer Regiment
3. General of a Brigade and Colonel of Veterans
4. Adjutant Commandant of the General Staff
5. Aide de Camp of a Brigadier General
6. Division A.D.C., Colonel and Trumpeter of 7th Lancer Regiment
7. Aide de Camp to Prince Poniatowski
8. Colonel of Foot Artillery
9. Foot Artillery
10. Officer of Artillery
11. Engineer Officer and Engineer
12. Officer of the Horse Artillery
13. Chief Surgeon, Doctor aand Pharmacist
14. Commisaire des Guerres and Artillery Train
15. Commandant du Place
16. Inspector Aux Review
17. Sergeant of Gendarmes
18. Sergeant of the Guides of Poniatowski
19. Cadets of Artillery and Engineers