Uniformology Imperial Echoes Series Book No. 12
Der Alte Fritz: The Military Life of Frederick the Great: Volume I

1. Crown Prince Friedrich and Prince Heinrich
2. Council of War November 1750
3. The Rheinsberg
4. King Frederich II
5. Prussian Officer addressing the Burgemeister of Gruneberg
6. King Freidrich II in Breslau - January 1741
7. Battle of Mollwitz - April 1741
8. Ceremony in Breslau - November 1741
9. Victory celebration in Hohenfriedburg
10. King Friedrich II
11. Prayer on the Battlefield of Keffelsdorf
12. Prince Heinrich at the Battle of Prague
13. Schwerin's Death at Prague
14. The accident at Koln
15. The evening of Koln
16. The attack on Gotha
17. Von Seydlitz at Rossbach
18. Friedrich the Great addressing his generals
19. The Potsdan Regiment at Leuthen
20. King Friedrich on the evening of Leuthen
21. Encounter with a Pandure