The Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (Poland) in the Napoleonic Wars

The Plates from Chelminski and Malibran's L' Armee du Duche de Varsocie
1. Commandant Prince Joseph Poniatowski
2. Adjutant Commandant of the General Staff
3. Officers of Infantry and Cavalry
4. Aide de Camp of a Brigadier General
5. 8th Regiment of lancers
6. Porte Aigle and Grenadiers of of the 5th Regt of Infantry
7. 11th Regiment of Lancers
8. Aide de Camp of Prince Poniatowski
9. Chief Surgeon, Doctor, and Pharmacist
10. Colonel of Foot Artillery
11. Drummer and Drum Major of the 13th Infantry Regiment, Drum Major of the National Guard
12. 7th Regiment of thc Lancer of the Vistula
13. Sergeant of the Guides of Poniatowski
14. Officers of the Artillery and Engineer Academy
15. Senior Officer of the 10th Hussars
16. Officer of the Horse Artillery
17. Brigadier General and Colonel of the 17th Lancer Regt
18. General of a Brigade and Colonel of Veterans
19. Elite Company 16th Lancer Regiment
20. Engineer Officer and Engineer
21. Division ADC, Col. and trumpeter of 7th Lancer Regt
22. Trumpeter of Curassiers and Horse Artillery
23. Cadets of Artillery and Engineers
24. 3rd Regiment of Lancers
25. Commisaire des Guerres and Artillery train
26. Foot Artillery
27. Officer of the Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard
28. Sapper and Hornist of the Vistula Legion
29. 2nd Infantry Regt, Vivandier and Soldier
30. Curassier Officer, 14th Regiment
31. Lancer of the 8th Regiment of the Vistula
32. 5th Regt of Casseurs a Cheval, Officers, and Trumpeter
33. Cavalry troops in stable dress
34. Chasseur a Cheval of the 4th Regt
35. Kettle Drummer and Trumpeter of the Lancers of the Imperial Guard
36. Lancers of the Guard, Isle d Elba Squadron
37. 8th Infantry Regiment
38. Trumpeters of the 2nd Lancer Regiment
39. Krakus, Officer and Trooper
40. Voltiguers of the Vistula legion
41. Sergeant of Gendarms
42. Trumpeter of Hussars & Officer of Chasseurs a Cheval
43. 12th Infantry Regiment
44. Commandant du Place
45. Inspector Aux Review
46. National Guard, Officer and Grenadiers
47. Lithuanian Tartars of the French Imperial Guard
48. Lancer of the Imperial Guard 1812

The Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard by Brislaw Gembarzewski
1. “Guard Duty Polish” Lancer in Great Coat 1812.
2. “The report” A lancer sergeant (marechal-des-logis) salutes before delivering a message to two officers.
3. “Before the Parade” Kettle Drummer and trumpeters.
4. “Off to parade” Mounted Officer dressed in the red and white parade uniform.
5. “The tailor holds court” Master Tailor for the Chevau Leger Polonaise.
6. “Sharing battle tales” Three variations of officer dress.
7. “The Lithuanian Scouts” The 3rd Light Horse (Lithuanian) - Trumpeter, Officer and Lancers.
8. “The Lithuanian Tartars” Trumpeter, Officer and Lancers.
9. “Officer’s Head Dress” Czapka and braid details.